Whoever awakens consciousness
has access to Objective Universal Science, Pure Science.
Pure Science like that of the Great Work;
Pure Science like that of the Medieval Alchemists;
Pure Science like the one of Paracelsus, or that of Paul of Tarsus.
— Samael Aun Weor

The Scientific Gnostic Method

The method of Gnostic science is experimentation or objective knowledge of things utilizing scientific meditation and the inner vehicles or solar bodies for the experimentation and direct observation of the object of study.

The object of study is the universe, all that exists, things in themselves, beyond their three-dimensional aspect.

Gnosis studies (Gnostic) hermetic anthropology, which is completely different from official (materialist and evolutionist) anthropology.

Gnostic science studies cosmogenesis and objectively knows the origin of the worlds, suns, and universes; and, particularly, that of the Ors solar system, where we live and have our Being.

Gnostic science studies the human machine and the conditions of its five centers: intellect, emotion, movement, instinct and sex. It studies endocrinology and medicine (the causes of disease and its cure).

Everything passes through the crucible of Gnosis.