Religious Forms and Religious Principles

We must make a clear distinction between "religious forms" and "religious principles." "Religious principles" are living cosmic formulas and "religious forms" are the diverse systems or ways of teaching these principles.

Gnostic Mysticism

Gnosis studies the science of religions; it attempts to reach the religious depths of ancient cultures. It seeks the connection of the Soul with the inner Real Being, the divinity that exists in each human. This involves great efforts in trying to eliminate the "I" of experimental psychology. Only then is this inner connection, spoken of by the ancient sages, possible.

Gnostic religiousness is totally scientific, highly philosophical and profoundly artistic; it pursues wisdom, the divine within us. If we do not discover God in us, we will not find God anywhere else. This is self-Gnosis, the knowledge of oneself, which ultimately is the knowledge of God.